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Dec 22, 2014

ATA Freight Line has received an ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system. The certificate recognizes the high level of environmental quality of the ATA's operations.


The ISO 14001 norms impose a rigid system of environmental management a company must respect. These norms are recognized worldwide and signify the highest possible standards of "ecological quality".


Coordinated by ATA Freight Line's Environmental and Safety Service, the company achieved this important milestone through an evaluation of ATA's ongoing adherence to strict international laws, and a fluid integration of an up-to-date management system.


"ATA Freight Line has always given top priority to the environment and to safety management, considering these values integral to sustainable development and to a better quality of life for everyone", affirmed James Oguzhan, Chairman and CEO of ATA Freight Lines. "This program represents a valid departure point for us on our path towards fostering environmental awareness at all company levels in order to create fertile ground for the development of a 'Total Quality' program for the environmental, health and safety areas."


The Company's commitment to sustainable development has grown over the years in line with an evolution in policies and objectives for environmental performance. Such goals have demand a great commitment of resources and effort, but they have brought about the activation of innovative processes that are proving ever more eco-compatible and management methods that set an example of environmental and social responsibility.

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