Air Freight
Your Shipment. Timely Delivery.

ATA Freight offers a wide range of options-from expedited and consolidated flights to deferred flights and

even pre-alerts on flights. We work with established major routes to and from Europe, Asia, South and Central America, North America; and individualized routes for specialized services.

Our customer representatives are experienced in the industry and are ready to coordinate every detail of

your shipment. You have a single point-of-contact for your customized air service needs. We offer maximum flexibility for every delivery requirement: door to door, door to airport, airport to door, or airport to airport.


ATA Expedites™

Your high priority becomes our high priority. Regardless of size, ATAExpedites™ meets your urgent and time-critical cargo requirements. Supported by global capabilities and including a performance guarantee, we deliver your cargo quickly and reliably.


Centralized. Hassle-free convenience. ATAConsolidates™ is a premium consolidation service that seamlessly combines your shipment requirements for fast, time-defined delivery. We bring it all together for your convenience.


ATADefers™ is a specially-designed deferment service for your time-extended supply chain requirements. If you have the time, we have the savings.


At ATA, our charter services are ideal for quickly solving your immediate air freight shipment needs. Our charters are perfect for overcoming capacity shortfalls or shipping to remote destinations.

Sea-Air Traffic

Combined Sea-Air traffic brings the economy of the sea to the speed of airfreight to give you a cost-effective solution. This fusion of transport modes enables you to send goods from Asia to Europe, North and South America, or Africa within 2-3 weeks. If your goods are cost-sensitive and not absolutely time-dependent, consider the combined benefits of Sea-Air traffic from ATA Freight Line. It could be your perfect answer.

Ready for a new way? Let ATA Freight handle every detail of your supply chain. Seamlessly move your cargo around the globe and let us provide you with personalized integrated solutions.
At ATA Freight, our experience brings efficiency and accountability to the movement of sea freight.
ATA Freight offers a wide range of options-from expedited and consolidated flights to deferred flights
No problem is too great for ATA Freight. We pride ourselves in solving problems within strict budget
With over 10 years of industry experience in rail logistics, ATA Freight has developed and implemented