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Aug 24, 2017

ATA Freight opens office in Russia,

ATA Freight is the leading global logistics provider of personalized and innovative solutions. It offers every customer a service tailored to their specific needs, built on a formidable experience across a broad range of market sectors.

ATA Freight Russia office is established in Moscow to provide integrated logistics services for commercial activities within Russia as well as between Turkey and European Union countries. Industrial Projects logistics, international transportation, warehouse management and freight forwarding are among the services offered by the company to its customers.

When it comes to opening new locations, ATA Freight has considerable decision points such as; ease of doing business, economic growth and strategic locations. When we looked at both countries, Turkey has a strategic location between Europe and Asia, serving as a geographical and economical bridge between these continents. This location offers huge opportunities for logistics between Turkey and Russia. Also, Russia is the world’s largest country and demands an extensive transport and logistics network. Russia’s transport and logistics sector holds teem opportunities for foreign companies. Logistics companies should certainly look to the world’s biggest nation as their next market for investment or expansion.

In order to service between these countries, air, sea, road and rail logistics are in high demand. We believe, ATA Freight (Russia) will grow into a significant logistics player in the Russia. We have dedicated logistics and trade specialists. ATA Freight is an expertise at the helm through well- established partnerships with leading ocean carriers and provides highly flexible freight services—for global reach.

Logistics sector experienced slight contraction in 2016 after a series of political problems, a crisis between Turkey & Russia, sharp fluctuations in foreign exchanges and tightening EU borders. These crises played a destruction on Russia - Turkey logistics sector but now things are starting to look positive again and those days are left behind now. While recovery may be small at present, the transport & logistics sector looks set to enjoy a growth in the coming years.

Turkish and Russian governments signed a mutual agreement about establishing a billion-dollar joint investment fund. With this fund, it will be easier to make new investments within the countries, this will strengthen the business relationships between Russia and Turkey. Logistics is the main industry that governments will focus on. Also, a free trade agreement is on the table and will be signed before the end of 2017.

It is all related with the trade relations but energy projects like Turk Stream, Akkuyu Nuclear Plant and market trends could also act as positive agents when it comes to growth in the logistics sector.

We believe that Russia desires updated technologies, dynamic, cost-effective transport solutions and international investments when it comes to logistics. ATA Freight is financially strong, stable, and independent. With global logistics network and 21 years of experience in the sector, ATA Freight can deliver
Unique logistics solutions
Cutting edge technological advantages
Special Logistics services covering the whole supply chain
Inhouse Expertise and efficient operations
Distinguished quality, operational excellence and advanced logistics management
Excellent customer service with dedication to customers and their business requirements

We are today present in six countries with our own offices- US, Mexico, India, China, Russia and Turkey. We want to be present in promising, growing and challenging environments and do things other companies cannot think about doing. We have opened 6 new locations last year in these 6 countries.  
ATA Freight is always on the lookout for new markets in global economies and we also have a territorial expansion strategy. So, you will see us at more locations beyond these countries in future. We are aiming to be in Top 50 3PL logistics company until 2026
About ATA Freight
We started with one office in New York in 1996 now have 28 offices in 6 countries including our brand-new office in Moscow, Russia and +400 team members globally. We like where we are today, but aim to do a lot more. ATA Freight will continuously enhance its ambitions and will be very aggressive to continue growing in the coming years.

We have grown into one of the leading logistics providers, providing end-to-end design, implementation and operational capabilities in freight forwarding, contract logistics, transportation management and distribution management.

We believe what primarily sets ATA Freight apart is its relentless drive to do its part in bringing the inevitable transformation in our -in many ways- conventional industries. ATA Freight is one of the few players in the industry with an in-house R&D unit, CATI- Center for Advanced Technologies and Innovation, and a standalone software solutions company, Vizio under its group of companies.