SOLAS Regulation - VGM - Verified Gross Mass,

The new global SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) regulation adopted by the International Maritime Organization will be effective July 1st. All containers scheduled for loading onto vessels sailing on/or after July 1, 2016 will require a VGM (Verified Gross Mass). It is the shippers' legal responsibility to provide VGM correctly and in a timely manner as requested by your local ATA Freight Office.

If VGM is declared incorrectly, then your shipment may be turned away, miss the vessel, put on a hold, delayed and/or may not be loaded by the Carriers, Terminals or related Authorities.

The charges related with "Weighing Cargo (pallet/container or else)" will vary based on the vendor utilized. If you request support from your local ATA Freight office to weigh your shipment, then you will be provided with further information how to manage this requirement and the fees related with this service.*

The charges related with "VGM Filing" will vary based on the carrier. Whatever the charges billed by the carrier will be reflected to you.

If/when mis-declaration is done; at origin, trans shipment location or at any other location; then re-declaration may be required by the authorities and additional charges may occur which would be reflected to you as is. Mis-declaration is subject to possible delays of your cargo. The documentation and fee requirements by the vendors or authorities may vary based on the mis-declaration and re-declaration.

Please note that each ocean carrier, terminal, or even each Country has different requirements and the fees applying to VGM rule. We are kindly requesting your understanding and patience until this requirement is settled within the industry.

We encourage you to stay in close contact with your ATA Freight local office. You can rest assure that our team will provide you their full support for you to stay in compliance, as well as, to make sure your cargo does not delay.

We will continue to monitor VGM rule and will keep you informed through our local offices.

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New SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) Convention Regulation set to go in effect July 1st,

The new global SOLAS regulation adopted by the International Maritime Organization will be effective July 1st.   The new regulation will require shippers, whose name appears on the bill of lading, to verify the gross mass of the packed container. 

What does this mean for shippers?

According the new SOLAS regulation for VGM  (Verified Gross Mass), the shipper named on the ocean of lading is the party responsible for providing the ocean carrier and the terminal operator with the Verified Gross Mass of the Container.  Containers that are tendered to the terminals that have not provided the VGM, will be turned away at the port. 

If the shipper employs a freight forwarder, the responsibility still lies with the shipper even though the forwarder may pack and weigh the full container.  The shipper must still verify the gross mass weight of the cargo being loaded. 

There are 2 methods for shippers to provide the VGM – Verified Gross Mass 

Regarding the tender of partial loads to the freight forwarder

Shippers who offer for transportation, a partial load are not responsible for providing the Verified Gross Mass (VGM).  In these arrangements, the requirements to provide the VGM of the co-loaded container resides with the shipper named on the ocean bill of lading, should that be a co-loader, NVOCC or freight forwarder. 

As your logistics service provider, ATA Freight Line is available to you to provide guidance in the new IMO-SOLAS regulation.  ATA Freight Line will keep you informed on the new SOLAS requirements in continued news alerts and advisories.

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Impex Grand Opening India 2018,

We are very pleased and proud to be nominated by Deere India as the extended business location out of Impex Pune logistics center. This engagement, made possible through the extraordinary efforts of Deere India and Impex India teams, marks the beginning of an integration to support the factory’s operation. We will have 2-shift operations, with additional 20+ team members to handle 500+ different parts and daily 30+ dispatches through exclusive 16886 sqft of Impex warehouse space. The official opening ceremony of the project took place in Pune on Aug 8th 2018 with the leadership of Deere India team and ATA team members.

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Marble 24TH International Stone and Technologies Fair,

The 24th edition of the Turkish exhibition, MARBLE, will welcome many exhibitor companies and sector professionals from Turkey and all over the world at Izmir, Turkey’s largest and the most modern fair complex.

We are thanking our Turkey team and Berkay US-Turkey Trade Manager for the effort they put into making sure this was another excellent exhibition - the only exhibition in the Turkey dedicated to the stone industry.

The Show brings the ATA Freight together with its customers. We find an opportunity to exhibit in our RED stand for four hectic days of the Natural Stone Show. Our Izmir branch attend with the full team. Also, Turkey GM Haluk Yavuz, Turkey Sales Manager Onur Birkal and Global Marketing Manager Erman Kocaata supported them in different days.

Companies from foreign countries found the opportunity to exhibit their products. An increase in the number of foreign participants was visible where Brazil, Iran, China and India will presents their products, among others. Mining sector is one of the sectors having high value added in export of Turkey. Sector for which an export figure of 15 billion dollars is targeted has been established.

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We believe what primarily sets ATA Freight apart is its relentless drive to do its part in bringing the inevitable transformation to our -in many ways- conventional industry. We see our working environment dramatically changed within the upcoming years, an environment that hosts a network of conversations driven by intelligent automation. We see today’s challenges in information management arena as opportunities to transform customer experience. 

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