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Mar 19, 2019

ATA Freight Has Completed the First Air Cargo Shipment of the New Istanbul Airport,

ATA Freight has completed the first air cargo shipment from newly opened Istanbul Airport, the company said 18th of March. A consignment of 5234 kg textile was delivered from Istanbul to the Dhakka, Bangladesh. The company has made a significant contribution to this very first shipment and received a certificate of appreciation from Turkish Cargo.

Global Logistics provider ATA Freight already leased office at Istanbul's new airport, which is set to become the world's largest. Hasan Kaya, Airfreight Product Manager, sees the new airport as a significant opportunity for Turkey to become a regional logistics market. 

Together with Turkish Cargo, we will be able to achieve even more for our joint customers on one of the world's most important trade lanes”, Kaya said. The two partners emphasized that further close cooperation with the aim of increasing the cargo volume is being sought. Both companies have been working together excellently for a long time.

Founded in 1996, ATA Freight is a global logistics provider, specialized in innovative shipping management solutions. ATA Freight has evolved from a traditional international Freight forwarder to one of the leading global providers of innovative and fully integrated supply chain solutions. Over the course of years, the company has steadily expanded, opening locations throughout the USA, Turkey, India, China, Russia & Mexico with 30+ offices and more than 400 team members globally.