Systems Drive Us. We offer technology for managing technology.

Fluid & fast-paced. Today's world.

Shifting inventories, changing demands and fluctuating market conditions - we're there for you.



Connections with big players.

The technology sector, by definition, is fluid and fast-paced. ATA knows technology, and our reputation shows it. We enjoy working relationships with four of the top ten global electronic products companies, and have instituted flexible and fast supply chains tailored to this challenging industry.

  • We increase visibility to maximize your production flexibility.
  • We balance inventories to improve product availability and minimize obsolescence.


Excellence & innovation.

Just as technology is about innovation, here at ATA we're about excellence. All of our innovative solutions are supported by a relentless Pursuit of Perfection - the idea that processes can always be improved. This approach has driven our relentless efforts to achieve Operations Excellence, which drives innovation.


Global solutions for technology sector.

With years in the field, ATA has a deep understanding of the regulatory and customs aspects of the technology sector, including:

  • Computing and Peripherals
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Printing and Imaging
  • Telecommunications

At ATA, our experience also includes services for those in medical technology, contract technology manufacturing, and the field of semiconductors.

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