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We have a global logistics presence, serving companies of all sizes in a wide variety of industries.


High standards for integrated logistics.

ATA is setting the standard for the logistics industry, and we continue to bring the leading experts to each solution. Known for our integrated end-to-end supply chain services, we also pride ourselves on our overarching standards of environmental sustainability and security.

We are particularly known in the following sectors:

  • Energy and Power
  • Construction
  • Automation
  • General Industrial Goods
  • Rail Vehicles and Transportation
  • Medical Equipment
  • Paper and Fiber

Call on us anytime.

ATA is dedicated to developing industrial transportation solutions around the globe. Our experts and representatives have on-the-ground experience and familiarity with industry standards and requirements, and our reputation has been achieved through constant results with leading businesses.

Our knowledge base extends to most aspects of industry, and we are often called on for external advice on value and efficiency such as relocation or global manufacturing choices. Our experience and reputation in sea freight, airfreight, road and rail makes us the top choice to serve your business.

Ready for the toughest scenario.

ATA's strong competency with project logistics means we are ready to find efficient and lasting solutions to any complex array of problems.

With years of experience in the industrial sector, we are ready to work with complex global projects. Whether you need to move large equipment, sensitive or delicate machinery, or even shift entire manufacturing plants to a new location, our project teams work with local experts to prepare for the toughest challenges.

No infrastructure at a site? Remote location? No problem. At ATA, no move is too difficult. We pride ourselves with being able to solve the otherwise unsolvable, and have a dedicated ATA division ready for the toughest problems.

Warehousing & distribution for your supply chain.

ATA offers comprehensive warehousing and distribution services and supply chain design and overview. With a dedication to a comprehensive understanding of industry demands and logistics, ATA is able to assist with the design and reengineering of supply chains, the integrations of complex IT, and the outsourcing of supply chain management.

The ATA's solutions include:

  • Logistics engineering (consulting, analysis, design) combined with operational excellence
  • Transport management, including consolidation, warehouse planning and implementation
  • Value-added services, including labeling, order management, inventory planning and management, picking and packing

ATA is also ready to bring comprehensive flexibility and efficiency to your logistics operations. By outsourcing your entire logistics operations to ATA, a project will take full advantage of our distribution centers, transportation networks, supply chain management resources, and after-sales services. Outsourcing to ATA offers the potential for increased speed, efficiency, accountability and visibility.

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