Consumer Packaged Goods
Meeting the CPG Market demand with strategic Focus

The competition is relentless. To win the day, CPG market demands must be boldly met.

At Your Service

ATA commands a global presence, guiding the flow of goods and solving distribution problems around the world. With experience in handling and distribution, and a comprehensive range of storage options, ATA is on call and ready to move goods between your manufacturing site and your market across all of North America, Europe, and throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Don’t Be Left Out in The Cold

With a global network reaching all corners of the world, ATA has the capacity and experience to help with all your needs.

Some of services include;

  • Full ranges of storage and handling facilities from the conventional ambient wide-aisle spaces to highly-automated warehouses.
  • If you need refrigeration, we also feature cold chambers down to -25°C.
  • Our handling systems are designed for continuous high-volume flow, ranging in scale from bulk pallets to individual items.
  • Pallet configuration an important part of the Retail experience. We also can offer multiple outbound configurations tailored to retailer specifications.


ATA has the experience to handle a wide variety of co-packing situations-from display stands to single-pack combination shrink wrapping. Our team can quickly react to demand-catching sales possibilities and bringing offers to customers.

Pooling supports unique supply chain logistics

At ATA, we are proud of our singular approach to pooling, and our record of increased customer satisfaction continues to drive our innovations. We understand that an intelligent approach to pooling increases logical utilization of warehouse space and vehicle use. At ATA, we keep the big picture in mind to lower the cost of logistics, increase stock velocity, and better support promotions.

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