Facilitates the tracking and management of numerous customer orders in multi-service, multi-vendor environments, and offers intelligent guidance for the assembly of targeted bundles.

MYWAY is a software development setup specializing in Cargo, Logistics, Supply Chain and Warehousing solutions. We make state of the art client based and web based software solution.

Myway is the right choice for organizations looking to reduce cost and increase profitability. Our products combine the industry experience and know-how with practical solutions to integrate supply chain operations seamlessly.

Customer driven software built on a modern technology base, Myway Software is engineered with high performance business processes in mind, capturing the business requirements unique to the freight and logistics industry.

Our development team and methodology leverages technology and experience which helps organizations to mitigate risks, improve operational turnaround and drive measurable business improvements.

Myway solutions help companies to:

  • Gain greater visibility into inventory, cost and contribution
  • Enable better decision-making and commitment to the customer
  • Enable better cost and capacity control
  • Drive higher margins and profitability


Cargo Solution

Solution for Cargo Import and Export including both Air and Ocean freight shipments. This desktop solution is built on latest of dot net technology and supports cross country branch offices.

Quick books Check Designer

Quickbooks check designer enables users to Design Check formats according to Bank Pre-printed formats and print the checks by pulling out data from Quickbooks accounting software

Myway Order Management and Procurement System

Myway Order Management and Procurement system facilitates the tracking and management of numerous customer orders in multi-service, multi-vendor environments, and offers intelligent guidance for the assembly of targeted bundles.

Myway Consolidation Warehouse Management System

A must have software to manage Cargo Receipts and consolidation operations.

Register Book

Register Book is a nice tool for maintaining shipment related information. It also intelligent search facility and export into xls format.

Myway Web Tracking

A complete tracking solution right from the customer’s premises providing visibility of cargo movement from order stage to delivery. A very powerful tool in the hands of customer. Branded under two different products:

Myway one

ATA’s complimentary e-services allow full transparency and proactive quality control as well as real-time tracking and tracing all the way.


A revolutionary, full service, shipment management solution with world-class technology to manage your entire supply chain.


As Myway continues to evolve, it remains dedicated to fundamental reasons for existence. Myway Software’s purpose is to enable organizations to operate more efficiently and effectively.

To ensure it remains focused on this purpose, Myway have embodied a set of Core Values - essential and guiding principles that describe who Myway is and always need to be.

At the corporate level it takes individuals of integrity to develop a consensus around shared values. As this consensus builds, the corporation develops a culture of integrity. This culture is what governs Myway in all our interactions and ensures fairness & honesty.

Values that are backed with respect for self & others go a long way in ensuring its implementation. Myway understand this and have imbibed it in its nature thus effectively treating clients, suppliers and the community with respect and getting same in return.

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