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Jul 16, 2023

ATA Freight Earns Its 11th John Deere “Partner-Level Supplier” Recognition Honor,

ATA Freight, a leading global logistics and freight forwarding services provider, can add to an already impressive list of achievement with its latest announcement that it has earned recognition as a “Partner-Level Supplier” for 2022 in the John Deere Achieving Excellence Program. The Partner-level status is Deere & Company’s highest supplier rating. It is given to a supplier “who goes above and beyond” John Deere’s “performance standards and has and has a measurable effect on John Deere’s level of customer satisfaction.”


ATA Freight Chief Executive Officer Matt Goker acknowledged the company’s achievement stating that, “We have long valued our relationship with John Deere and take great pride in their recognition of our performance as one of their suppliers. This is the 11th year it which we have been honored with this designation from John Deere and it is still one of the most meaningful awards our company has received. It is a testament to the commitment of our team members to provide nothing short of the highest standards of customer service.”


Through its Achieving Excellence Program,  John Deere has several objectives. They include: developing mutually beneficial and profitable relationships with its suppliers, using objective measurements to understand supplier performance and utilize this as a basis for strategic sourcing decisions, and encouraging continuous improvement efforts by sharing ideas and resources. Other goals of the program include strengthening communications with its suppliers, maximizing its technological strength and integrating suppliers into all John Deere processes.


Along with its Partner-Level Logistics Supplier recognition with John Deere, ATA Freight has received other honors from the company including its 2011 “Supplier of the Year,” 2012 “Outstanding Performance,” 2014 “Hall of Fame” and 2015 “Supplier Innovation” honors. 


Mr. Goker added, “Businesses operating on the global supply chain have been facing unprecedented challenges over the past few years stemming from the global pandemic, persistent labor shortages, the Ukraine war and extreme weather events. With that said, companies are leveraging their supplier and partner relationships along with digital transformation to improve their processes, remain competitive and become more resilient and sustainable. At ATA Freight, we are fully committed to advancing these critical goals.”


ATA Freight’s business is focused on optimizing its clients supply chain ecosystem to improve their bottom line. This achieved through its extensive portfolio of global logistics and freight forward services, as well as innovative shipment management solutions. Founded in 1996 in New York, the company has since evolved from a traditional freight forwarder to one of the leading providers of innovative and fully-integrated supply chain solutions ATA Freight currently has 30 strategically placed locations in six countries, including the USA, India, China, Turkey and Mexico. ATA Freight distinguishes its services with a customer-centric personal feel and a global reach, making it the ideal choice for customers that have complex logistics needs and demand flexible and agile solutions around the clock.