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Aug 1, 2023

ATA Freight India earns awards from Leading Airlines and Earns Impressive Industry Rankings,

ATA Freight India is commemorating significant accomplishments. Five well-known international airlines have given the organization major contracts: Swiss Air, British Airways, Emirates Air, Turkish Airlines, and Lufthansa. These substantial agreements demonstrate ATA Freight India's dedication to providing top-notch logistics and freight solutions and show the industry's leaders' faith in the firm.

ATA Freight India's proven track record of providing exceptional air cargo services positions it as a reliable and capable partner to meet the unique demands of these airline giants. In addition to these exciting contracts, ATA Freight India has achieved remarkable rankings within the industry:

  • Lufthansa (LH): ATA Freight India secured the top spot as the No. 1 Forwarder by Tonnage and Revenue for key airports like BOM (Mumbai), DEL (Delhi), and MAA (Chennai) in 2021.
  • Emirates Air (EK): The company's performance in the Mumbai trade lane was acknowledged with a Top 10 ranking for 2021.
  • British Airways (BA): ATA Freight India's excellence was recognized with a Top 5 ranking for Chennai in 2021, and Mumbai achieved a Top 10 ranking for 2022.
  • Turkish Airlines (TK): Delhi earned a Top 10 ranking for 2021, and Mumbai repeated this feat for 2022, reaffirming ATA Freight India's consistent high standards in air cargo operations.
ATA Freight India is dedicated to delivering innovative and reliable airfreight solutions and is fully prepared to support these prestigious airlines in their mission to provide superior air cargo services. The company will work closely with each partner to ensure efficient, secure, and cost-effective transport solutions that meet their unique requirements