Our Quality, Environmental and OHS Policy

ATA aims to offer services aligned with customer needs and expectations by establishing systems that will ensure continuous customer satisfaction and through precise analysis of customer requests. Therefore, we aim to reach a wider customer portfolio through our services, and become a leading company in the industry by keeping our existing customers' satisfaction at the highest level.

Our principle is to continue international logistics and freight forwarding operations of utmost quality in accordance with national and international standards.

Accordingly; 's primary policy to:

  • carry out Quality, Environmental and OHS Management Systems to prevent any errors and misconducts that might occur in any stage of our operations,
  • monitor, measure and constantly improve the performance and effectiveness of our Quality, Environmental and OHS Management System,
  • always welcome changes without compromising on quality and adopt a philosophy of continuous improvement in every aspect,
  • ensure full compliance with applicable national and international environmental and occupational health & safety regulations and other requirements,
  • organize environmental and OHS training for our employees in order to raise awareness and ensure constant development.
  • minimize risks through effective control of all activities involving significant environmental aspects and OHS risks,
  • prevent occupational accidents, injuries and deteriorations in health by eliminating risks at the source with the participation of all employees and be prepared for emergencies,
  • reduce waste at its source, dispose waste in compliance with regulations and prevent pollution,
  • provide guidance to improve our all stakeholders, and establish, implement and cause our stakeholders to implement control and monitoring systems without compromising on quality, environmental and OHS management system standards,
  • comply with environmental and OHS-related customer requirements.
  • instill a culture of quality in team members and adapt ourselves to technological innovations/developments in order to drive Ata's growth with new business opportunities, and position it as a leading company in the industry,
  • promote a "culture of teamwork" among team members; arrange and organize events and activities intended to improve employee satisfaction and engagement.

Our targets for 2020 about environmental goals are; Reducing the amount of waste paper to 200kg , natural resources as Electricity to the amount of 80.000 kwh/year & natural resources of water to 667 m3 /year, & natural gas to 4700 m3/year.

is committed to ensuring that this policy is communicated to, and understood by all employees.